4. Setting Up Forms

Forms refer to categories that questions sit within. Administrators can choose whether a form is a registration form or declaration.

Quick Steps: Administration > Form Listing > Actions > Add > Fill in the details > Save

1. In your One Sport Technology Console, select Administration from the top menu, then Form Listing, Actions and Add.

2. Fill in the form, then click Save

  • Form Name: This is the title of the Form. Members will see the title of the form when registering online
  • Form Primary: Here you can select if the Form is the Primary form. This will mark all others Forms of this Type as non-primary. This form will appear against all Member Types - without the need to attach the form to the type 
  • Form Type: Here you can select if you would like the form to be a Registration form (questions that you would like members to answer) or a Declaration (a form that you would like members to agree on)
  • Permission: The permission field refers to the organisations that get to see the forms and the information entered.

i.    Everyone: All organisations attached to your organisation (National, State, Associations, Clubs)

ii.    All Above: Any organisation that is in a higher tier in the sports structure

iii.    All Below: Any organisation that is below in the tiered structure

iv.    Only Us: Only the organisation can view the form

3. Once the information has been entered click Save. If you have previously set up questions you can now attached these to the form.Click on the Form Questions tab and Add Questions to Form

4. Select the questions that you would like to add to the form, click Add Selected Questions to Form, click Save

In order to make the form appear on the member portal when a member completes the online registration process, you will now need to attach the form to a member type.

5. Click on Membership and then click on Member Types on the left menu. 

6. Click on the relevant Member Type that the form needs to be attached to. 

7. Click Edit and then tick the box against the Registration Form and/or Declaration Form that you would like to attach to the Member Type, click Save.

Additional Information:

To select the order of the questions click on the questions and Drag and drop the questions in the correct position.

The questions will automatically use the default settings set up in the questions listing however you can change these in here.