Active Subscriptions Export

The Active Subscriptions Export will export out all of the members within your organisation database database (dependent on whether filters have been applied to the members listing) and any Active subscriptions on their member record relevant to you organisation

Active Subscriptions indicates any subscription type that appears within the active subscriptions listing in your console (ie they are not archived or deleted)

The following fields will appear on this export: 

User ID, Link ID, Email Address, Prefix, First Name, Last Name, Other Name, Company Name, Organisation, Parent Organisation, Direct Number Area Code, Direct Number, Fax Number Area Code, Fax Number, Mobile Number Area Code, Mobile Number, Business Number Area Code, Business Number, Private Number Area Code, Private Number, Address 1, Address 2, Suburb, State, Post Code, Country Name, Occupation, DOB, Gender, Member Type (comma separated if there are multiple member types), Member Type Number, Active Subscription Type, Subscription End Date, Transaction Date, Payment Status, Status (this is the member status), Financial

Quick Steps: Membership > Members > Actions > Export > Template = Active Subscriptions > Export 

1. Click on the Membership module along the top menu 

2. Select the Members tab on the left side menu 

3. Select Actions > Export

4. Select the template as 'Active Subscriptions' and then click Export 

5. You will be advised that the requested export has been assigned to the Job Queue for Download, click the Job Queue button to review and download the file 

6. You will be navigated to the Job Listing Screen, this screen will update every minute as the file downloads. To speed up the process, you can click Actions > Refresh 

7. Once the file is ready for download, you will see the progress at 100% and the status as 'Success'. Click Actions > View on the export

8. From here, click on the file format type you wish to download

9. The file has now been downloaded to your computer

Please Note: Any filters that are applied to the members list will affect an export that is run