Adding a New Charity using Virgin Money Giving

If you would like to incorporate a fundraising step into your event registration process, please email and ask for the functionality to be made available to you 

  1. Once you have the Charity Integration functionality available in your console, you can find it under Event > Event Options > Fundraising Integration

  1. Once inside this area, please select Actions > Add to include a new charity which will be available for selection on the front-end event form 
  2. To add a new charity for selection, please select 'Virgin Money Giving (VMG) as your charity provider from the Fundraising Program drop-down list 

  1. From here, you will need to add the Charity ID and the Event ID which is provided to you by Virgin Money Giving directly 
  • The Page Title is what will appear on the Virgin Money Giving fundraising form. This could be the name of your event or a call to action
  • The Fundraising Target is the individual monetary target you would like your entrants to reach. This is also displayed on the person's Virgin Money Giving fundraising page
  • The Button Image is an image title which will display on the front-end registration form and should be the logo of the charity you are creating (eg Breast Cancer Care)
  1. Once all the fields have been added, please click Save. This will then create the charity which will now be available for entrants to fundraise for as part of your event