Adding an entrant to an Individual Event

When an entrant has been added manually or would like to be in an additional event within your event you will need to add them to this sport manually. The steps to do this are below 

  1. Login to the event console 
  2. Select Events from the left hand side and Events again from the expanded menu 
  3. From here select the event from the listing that your entrant wants to join 

  1. Select the Entrants tab within the Event 
  2. Press the Add Entrant button at the bottom of the screen 

  1. A pop up screen will appear where you will be able to choose an entrant from the Accepted Entrants Listing. Note that you will only be able to add entrants to your event that have already paid their overall registration fees. Once you have found the entrant in the listing press Add Entrant

Please Note: When you add an entrant to an event this way they will not need to pay the fee for that particular event and this payment will need to be processed outside of the console