Adding an Individual Entrant

It is possible to add a single entrant to your event from the back end of the platform. To do this you will need to follow the below steps 

  1. Go to your event in the listing and select View 
  2. From here select the Entrants menu from the left hand side 
  3. Once you are viewing your Entrants Listing select Actions and Add Entrant

  1. You will then be asked to select an Entry Type 

  1. You will then need to enter an email address for your entrant. Once the email address is entered select Check. This will search the system for the email address entered 
  2. You will get one of two results. Either the email will not already be in the system and you will be able to create a new user or the email will be in the system and you will be asked to enter the entrants details

  1. If you enter the details and the entrant is in the system you will either enter details that match an existing user or details that will create a linked member

  1. You will now be able to complete the personal details and entry form questions for the entrant and their entry type. You will not be able to bypass any mandatory questions on your form so ensure that you have all the necessary information before you start 
  2. Once all fields have been completed select Save 
  3. Your saved entrant will now be a Pending Entrant and we will now need to promote them to the Accepted Listing. To do this select the Pending tab on your Entrants Listing 
  4. To make your entrant an Accepted Entrant you have three choices. You can either Promote your entrant which will make them accepted without having them pay, you can process a Manual Payment which records a payment made directly to you by the entrant or you can process a Credit Card Payment and you will need to enter credit card details in the system in order for the entrant to be Accepted 

Once the Entrant has been promoted you will then find them in the Accepted Entrants Listing 

Please Note: If your form is in Athletics or Multis mode you will need to add the events for your entrant in a separate process. You will not be able to apply a PIN to an entrant if you add them to your form manually and you will not be able to add Merchandise to their entry