Bulk Refund Process- OST Members

In response to the large number of requests to refund participant fees after the shutdown of sports due to COVID-19, we have built a tool which allows STG staff the ability to process refunds from the admin console on a case by case or bulk basis. 

Admins will need to run a transaction report with specific fields in order to get the information we need so our team is able to refund successfully. Once this report has been sent to us, our support team to can process the refunds.

Please see the below on what is needed by your club/association in order for us to refund in bulk for your MEMBERS:

1. Log into your console.


3. Click on FINANCIAL.

4. Click on PAYMENTS.

5. Click on the FILTER ICON.

6. Input the date range for those transactions that need to be refunded. Then apply the filter.


8. Select the BASIC template > export

9. Open the report > keep the following fields within the report (remove all other fields from the report):

- Receipt 

- Amount

10. Within this report you will need to ADD TWO EXTRA FIELDs called Refund Amount and Organisation ID.

- Please input the amount needed to be refunded for each transaction - most will be the eact amount of the transaction however this may vary depending on what the transaction was.

- Please input your Organisation ID - this ID can be found via ADMINISTRATION > ORGANISATION DETAILS.

The report should look like the below with all the list of transactions- please adjust the headings to match that of the below:

- The PNREF will be the RECEIPT field.

11. Save the report with the following TITLE: (Organisation Name) Bulk Refunds.

12. Please then forward this report onto the support team via support@sportstg.com.

Please include your best contact email address and phone number as well as the name of your organisation. A sample of an email is below:

8. Once our team has received this we will send you an email back confirming this and our team will look into refunding these payments.

We understand that refunds are needed as soon as possible during this hard time, however as we have a large quantity of requests to get through, we ask you to be patient with us while we process these refunds- we will do our best to attend to these requests ASAP.