Basic Player Statistics Reports

There are two types of player statistics reports we can create. The first is a Basic Statistics Report and this will show the total statistics for members within your competitions over all of their games

To create a Basic Statistics Report follow the below steps 

  1. Go to Competitions on the top menu 
  2. Select Reports from the left hand side 
  3. Go to the Statistics tab within the reports screen 
  4. Select the appropriate settings as explained below 
  • Competition - You can choose to report on all active/unarchived competitions or one specific competition
  • Round - You can customise the round which is reported on by choosing all rounds or a specific round listed
  • Date From - Choose the first date on which you want this reporting to show data
  • Date To - Choose the last date on which you want this reporting to show data 
  • Filter - For a basic statistics report leave the filter set to None 

Your report will look something like the below 

From this report you can see that each player is listed with the Competition they played in and the division where there have been divisions. The team is also listed in case a player has played in multiple teams and then each of the statistics for those competitions. The statistics reported are a total across the date range that has been specified