Campaign Management Statistics

Campaign Management is a way for your to track the progress and statistics of any email that is sent from the Email Management Area

The different statistics and options within Campaign Management are detailed below 


When reading your Campaign Management reports you are able to see many things. These include

Date: The date that the campaign was sent

Title: The title of the campaign that was sent. This differs from the Subject Line of the email itself and can only be seen by administrators

Sent: The number of emails that were sent in the campaign

Soft B: This is a Soft Bounce. A soft bounce back is where the member's mail box may be full or the email has been prevented due to spam filters or server restrictions. Soft bounces will not be deleted from the database but the server will attempt to resend the email for 72 hours. 

Hard B: This is a Hard Bounce. A hard bounce back is where the email adddress does not exist. This can be due to the email address being misspelt, or the member may have cancelled their email address. A hard bounce back email will automatically be deleted from the email database. 

Status: This denotes the stage in the sending process that the campaign is currently up to. Setup denotes that the email has been set up and can still be edited. Sending means that the campaign is currently in the send process and Sent means that the campaign is complete. 

Depending on the Status there are different actions that you can take with an email campaign

If the Campaign is in Setup mode then you are able to View, Edit, Send or Delete the campaign. If changes need to be made to the campaign press Actions > Edit. To send the campaign select Actions > Send and to remove the campaign from your list please select Actions > Delete

For campaigns currently sending you are able to View the email itself and Stop the campaign from sending. If you stop the campaign no further emails will be sent however any that have already been sent cannot be retrieved 

Campaigns that are complete and have been Sent can be exported so that all data relating to the campaign can be analysed. You can export out the statistics for who was sent the email and which email addresses had Hard or Soft Bounces by selecting Actions > Export. You can also delete a sent campaign from your list however we do not advice doing this as the data cannot be retrieved but this is done by selecting Actions > Delete