Campaign Monitor Account Settings

From the first menu within your Campaign Monitor section you are able to change some of the basic settings for this email tool through the Account Settings 

The fields listed in the section are explained below 

  • Client ID - This is the ID for your particular club or organisation within Campaign Monitor. This can not be edited as it is a setting from Campaign Monitor itself 
  • Company Name - This field can be changed to reflect any changes that you make to your club or organisation name. This will not update automatically if you change the name of your organisation through the support team however you are able to update this field manually
  • Country - This is another field that can be changed if this becomes necessary to do 
  • Time Zone - If your organisation or club changes time zones you are able to change this setting also to reflect the correct time that the campaign was sent
  • Currency - This is the currency in which you wish to pay your Campaign Monitor Fees and this can be changed also 
  • Payment Plan - There are three different options that you can choose from and these are: 
    • Pay For each Campaign where you pay each time a campaign is sent 
    • Basic where there are different different limitations on the amount of emails you can send and the amount of support you are entitled to from Campaign Monitor
    • Unlimited which is a more expensive package however it includes unlimited emails and priority access to the support team at Campaign Monitor

The table below shows all the different pricing options available