Creating a distribution list for Campaign Monitor

To build a distribution list that can then by synced into Campaign Monitor for sending your email, please follow the below steps:

1. Create Distribution List

For instructions on how to create a Distribution List, please click here. Ensure that the status is a green tick!

2. Building a Query

To ensure you reach your target audience, you can build a query that can then be added to a distribution list in the system. For details on how to build a query, please see here

Alternatively, further information on how to add members manually to a distribution list, please see instructions here 

3. Attach members from Query into Distribution List

To add members from your query to your already created distribution list, please click here

4. Sync your Distribution List with Campaign Monitor

In Members > Distribution Lists click on the 'Sync' button which will add your members that are in your distribution to your list in Campaign Monitor.

Please note - this will not remove members who are no longer a part of the query if a query was used initially. Please see here for instructions on removing members