Creating a Bib Counter

The Events system can automatically assign bib numbers to your Entrants as they enter. This can be set up through the Bib System management 


Using Bib Counters across Multiple Entry Types

1. Within the management console, select Events from the top menu then Actions and View next to the required event 

2. Select Event Options from the left hand menu and then Bib System from the expanded menu 

3. Click Actions and Add to create a new Bib Sequence

4. Insert the label of your Bib Sequence in the Title field. 

5. The insert a prefix in the Prefix field if applicable. This will appear at the start of the bib number 

6. In the Bib Counter field insert the next available number to be allocated and click Save

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7. Now select Entry Types from the left hand menu and Types from the expanded menu. Click Actions and Edit next to one of the Entry Types you wish to set up Bib Counters for 

8. Select the Other tab and select the Bib Counter that you wish to use for this entry type 

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9. Click Save and any entrants added after this date will be automatically assigned a Bib Number from that Bib Counter 

Please Note: If your event is already live before you set up automatic Bib Numbers, you can assign Bib Numbers to all previous entrants by selecting Event Options / Bib System / Actions / Bib Allocation. From here you are able to allocate all Bib Sequences or just specific Bib Counters. This wil assign Bib Numbers to all Accepted Entrants in your event that have an Entry Type with a Bib Counter