Creating a Distribution List

From the Events menu you are able to email your entrants in any event via a distribution. This can be useful when you want to send a reminder of the event date or communicate any further details to your members 

To create a distribution list please follow the below steps 


1. Select Events from the top menu and Email Management from the left hand menu 

2. To create the distribution list select Distribution Lists from the expanded menu and Actions > Add to create the distribution list itself 

3. Complete the relevant fields as explained below 

Name: The name that will display in the console so that you can identify which Distribution List you are using 

Detail: Any additional details about the distribution list such as reason for sending or the reason this list was grouped together

Active: When ticked this is active and able to be used. If the box is not marked then the Distribution List will be archived

Automation: Is how entrants are added to the list itself. Manual Automation means that entrants will need to be added individually to the list. Dynamic allows you to add entrants that meet certain criteria without any additional steps being taken 

Entrant Status (Dynamic Automation Only): You can choose to email to only certain individuals by selecting what entrant status to email to. This can be to all entrants or to any of the different entrant statuses

Events (Dynamic Distribution Only): You can also select to email to entrants in a specific event, or in a combination of events 

Order: Is the display order within your console. 

4. Press Save