Creating your Email Template

This step is where you are able to create the actual email that is sent to your recipients. This template can be used multiple times however and will simply need to be edited each time to reflect the relevant information. To begin building your email template please see below 

  1. Select Utilities from the top menu 
  2. Choose the Email Tools option on the left hand side
  3. From the expanded menu select Campaign Monitor and in this secondary menu select Email Templates
  4. A pop-up may appear in your screen however if it doesn't please press Click Here from within the blue text field 
  5. Once the window loads you will be given the option to select one of the below options which present on the screen 
  • Saved templates
  • a template from Campaign Monitor's 'Gallery'
  • Upload or Import your own template from an external source 

With templates that you select from the Gallery you are able to edit and customise these designs to your own liking, The template is merely a base from which you can build your own template. 

If you customise a template from the Gallery or Upload your own template these will then be saved into your console for future use