Enabling Teams to Register For Your Event

Team entry is very popular in most events, and this is option is available through the SportsTG Events platform.

Having teams enter does not mean that people cannot register as individuals, however, it allows your entrants to create their own teams as well as manage them.

Quick Steps: Events > Teams > Options > Edit > Save

  1. Within the event choose Teams from the left hand side 
  2. Once within the Team Listing, select Options at the bottom of the screen

  1. Select Edit to change any of the below settings 
  • Teams - If you wish to have teams enabled select Yes
  • New Team Registration - This allows entrants to create their own teams, and should be set to Yes
  • Mandatory - This is whether you are required to enter a team or not
  • Approval Process - Is there an approval process on each team. 
  • Confirmed Entrants Listing - Will the team selected appear on the confirmed entrants listing 
  • Maximum Entrants per Team - the limit of people who can enter a team. If there is no limit enter 0

  1. Once the settings are in place, the administrator is then to configure the Team Registration Form:
  • Title - refers to the menu heading item on your event form where entrants will register their team
  • Form Title - is the title of your team registration form 
  • Form Default - should be the same as your Form Title to ensure consistency across the registration
  • Categories - are not mandatory but can be a good way to analyse the teams that enter your event. These can be based on different distances the teams plan to run, different activities they wish to participate in or different ways in which they have formed (ie social, corporate etc)
  1. Team Registration Pay Options (Front End) are critical and can often confuse administrators
  • Display refers to whether or not you want all of the options to display as a selection. If this is set to Yes each team will be able to choose whether their team members need to pay at the time of registration or if they pay at a later date. If you only want one option available select display as No
  • Default Option is the automatic selection that is made. If Display is set to No this will be the payment option that is selected. If Display is set to Yes this will be the option selected before they make any changes however they will be able to choose Pay Now, Pay Later or Both

  1. Administrators are also able to set a Summary to display in the Team Management area, a Confirmation Email to all confirmed teams, and in the case of an approval process being active an Accepted and Rejected email. Each of these areas can be customised with images, tables and a list of merge fields that can be used is next to each specific area