Generating Your Campaign

Once you have created your desired template, you can then generate your campaign. This is where you actually send your campaign to your distribution list. 

To generate or send the campaign please follow the below steps 

  1. Select Utilities from the top menu 
  2. Choose the Email Tools from the left hand menu 
  3. From the expanded menu select Campaign Monitor and Generate Campaign from this secondary menu 
  4. A pop up will appear on your screen however if it does not automatically load please select Click Here from the blue text box 
  5. You have two options at this point. You can create a standard email campaign OR create an A/B Test Campaign 

Creating a Standard Campaign

To create a standard campaign simply complete all the fields in the Regular section as described below 

  • Name this campaign - this is purely for reporting purposes and is not seen by the recipient
  • Write a subject line - this is seen as the subject by the recipients of the campaign 
  • Who is it from - this does not need to be a personal email and it can be a generic or no-reply email address if you wish it to be 

Creating an A/B Test

You will be given three different content areas to use during your A/B Test as seen below. Please select the field you would like to run your test on and complete the build as normal 

You will be able to determine which template is considered the 'winner' by choosing from a variety of metrics such as open rates, total unique clicks or total clicks on a selected link 

After you have chosen which method you are going to use (standard or A/B Test), please complete the required fields, choose your email template and customise it where required. 

Click Preview and review the content

Click Define Recipients and select the distribution list 

Then select Schedule Delivery or Send a Test 

From here, please select to send your email campaign now or set the date and time in the schedule tool to send it at a specified time 

Once the email has been sent you will receive an automated notification email to let you know that the system has sent it, which will also include a link to live analytics. These analytics are also available inside your OST console 

Please Note - we strongly recommend that you send a test email for every campaign to ensure that all the links work correctly, images are displaying appropriately, and to ensure there are no visual errors which need resolving