How Team Captains Can Manage Their Teams

Team Captains often like to manage their teams and ensure that only certain people have joined their team. It is possible to do this through the Team Management area of the registration form 

  1. Select Team Management from the top menu. Once you are in this screen you will see a login area on the right hand side under the register your team button 
  2. Enter the Email Address and the Admin Password used initially to set up the team, to login to your teams management area
  3. Once logged in the screen will automatically take you to your Unpaid team members 
  • If the event organiser has deemed that payment needs to be made at the time of registration this section will be empty 
  • If there are team members listed here you will be able to tick the box next to the relevant names and make payments for their entries 
  1. Once you have progressed past your Unpaid team members you can view all Paid members of your team 
  • From here you can email your team members, view their entry type and export out a complete list of the people in your team 
  • You can also add a new team member by completing a registration on their behalf 
  • You can also withdraw someone from your team. This will only withdraw them from the team not from the event and can be competed by clicking the Decline symbol on the right hand side.