How to activate Product Exclusions for Click & Collect

This feature allows for you to set products that are available Click & Collect.

The customer will see a banner notifying them that they can select the fulfillment for Click & Collect to save on postage costs.

When a customer selects a product that is not available for Click & Collect and a product that is available for Click & Collect they will receive a note at checkout that it is not available for Click & Collect due to the products selected.

To activate follow the quicksteps: Shop > Shop Settings > Fulfillment > Click & Collect > Actions > Edit/Add > Product Exclusions 

You will see that when you create or edit an existing Click & Collect option that all items are applicable to Click & Collect.

To exclude products to be collected from your location you will need to shift the products on the right to the left.

  • Left hand side column, products Click & Collect is applied too
  • Right hand side column, products Click & Collect is excluded from

For any current Click & Collect fulfillment you have online, it will automatically set your products to be available to Click & Collect unless edited to include exclusions.

Tip: To select multiple products press Shift and press the down key. Once highlighted press the arrow to the right.

Once all of your desired products are in the Discount Applied table click Save