How to add Limited Stock Badge to your products

Limited Stock Badge allows for you to display a call to action to your customer on the Category Landing Page & Product Landing Page.

It will also display how many units left if it hits the threshold of limited stock you have set in the console.

Please note, if your total stock is above the threshold it will only display on the Product Landing Page.

Category Landing Page display

Product Landing Page display

Add product badge to console

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and select Shop from the top menu

2. Click on Inventory Management from the left menu

3. Select Products from the expanded left menu

4. Then click on Product Badges, then select Edit.

5. Upload the Limited Stock Badge to the relevant image source. (Product Badge Specifications: Accepts .jpg, .png and .gif (25kb max, 98px x 95px))

6. Apply the Badge to the Shop. This can be applied to a current product or you can apply it to a new product. The quick steps on how to do this are: Shop > Shop Settings > Options > Shop Settings > Shop Options > Limited Stock Units > Save