Managing Teams

If the approval process in Teams > Options has been enabled, all teams will remain in Pending until they are actioned.

If there is no approval required, the teams will automatically go into the Accepted listing.

No matter which setting is selected - the Team Listing view will default to the Pending tab.

Managing Pending Teams

To action your pending teams, the first step is to either Approve or Reject the team itself. The team will not display for selection in the registration form until it has been approved.

To approve the team select the Green up arrow under Status.

To reject the team select the Red down arrow under Status.

You are also able to send the acceptance or rejection email from this screen. This can be done by pressing the Green envelope for acceptance or the Red Envelope for rejection.

Once the team has been approved or rejected, they will be moved into the respective tab at the top the of the Team Lisitng screen.

In this area, the following actions can be performed:

  • Edit or Delete the team by selecting Actions on the right hand side.
  • View the team members (If in Pending, no members will show as the team has not been approved at this stage)
  • Email the team captain directly.

Managing Accepted Teams

In the Accepted Team Listing, there a number of functions that can be performed:

  • Change the status of a team back to Pending by selecting the Orange button under Status, as well as Reject a team that has been moved to accepted by selecting the Red down arrow. 
  • Resend the Confirmation Email by selecting the Black Envelope under Email or resend the Acceptance Email by selecting the Green Envelope
  • Select whether the team displays in the team drop down list by clicking the Green Tick in the Display column 
  • The main screen will show the number of members in that team. To see a detailed list of team members against a particular team, click Actions > Members.
  • Edit the teams details by selecting Edit from the Actions menu.
  • View, Delete and Email the teams by selecting Actions next to the appropriate team 

Managing Rejected Teams

In the Rejected Team Listing the following actions can be undertaken:

  • Change the status by clicking the Green Arrow to Accept the team or the Orange Button to make the team Pending 
  • Send the Rejection Email by selecting the Red Envelope 
  • View, Edit, Delete, View Members and Email the team from the Actions menu