Match Specific Statistics Report

This is the second and more specific or advanced statistics report that we have available for administrators to use. This report shows the players total statistics for the competition and this then gets broken down to each game they played and the date of these games

To run this report follow the below steps 

  1. Select Competitions from the top menu 
  2. Choose Reports from the left hand side 
  3. Go to the Statistics tab within the reports screen 
  4. Customise your report according to the below different filters as explained below 
  • Competition - You can report on one specific competition or all competitions given that the competition is still in the active listing. 
  • Round - You are able to specify which round you wish to include in the report. This can be one specific round or all rounds 
  • Date From - This is the earliest date that you wish to see results for. If you wish to report on an entire competition you must ensure that the from date is before when your competition started 
  • Date To - This is the latest date that you wish to see reported on. This filter will default to todays date which will give you the most up to date statistics possible 
  • Filter - To get specific match information you must use the Filter Include Fixture Dates (Detailed Report). This will include all the information you can see in the below screenshot 

As you can see from the above image the name of the player, the competition they played in and their team are all listed. We then get a breakdown of their statistics. The top line is their total statistics for the season and the lines below all correspond to the game listed in the very right hand column.