Membership & Event merchandise cross sell check list

To ensure you have correctly set up your product to appear in your membership or event form go through the below checklist.

Product Set Up

If you do not know how to set up your product please refer to the guide: Add A Product

1) Is Application Display ticked?

Shop > Inventory Management > Product > Product > Edit Product > Detail Tab > Tick Application Display you wish to include > Save

2) Do you have units displayed for your item?

Shop > Inventory Management > Product > Product > Edit Product > SKU Tab > Insert stock quantities > Save

3) Is your item set to display?

Shop > Inventory Management > Product > Product > Select Product > Tick Display Status from Cross to a Tick

Admin Set Up

4) Ensure the Membership registration or Events forms are in the same mode as Shop (ie. payment gateway activated or in test)

5) Has Postage been created?

Please note even if you are not posting your merchandise, this is a required field so you can select $0 to appear.

Directions here: Configuring your Postage options

6) Has your Gateway Descriptor been provided?

(If unsure, email, provide your Organisation ID and request for the support staff check STG Manager if this has been set up).

If you are already taking registrants this will most likely be already set up for you.

7) Is the Subdomain activated?

You can check this by Shop > Shop Settings> Shop Settings > General > URL

8) Is there a confirmation email included under Shop Desq > Shop Settings > Options > Order Confirmation Email > Enter the email you would like to receive Order Confirmations > Save