2. Setting Up the Membership Portal

Quick Steps: Membership > Portal Settings > Options > Edit > General Tab > Fill in applicable Information > Save

1. In your One Sport Technology Console, select Membership from the top menu, then Portal Settings, click Options

2. Click Edit, then fill in the information in the General tab and click Save

  • Title: This is the Title on the front page of your Membership portal
  • Accept Registration: Select Yes to display your portal or No to disable registrations
  • Automatic Payment Email: Select Yes to a notification to the default email when a payment is received through the online portal.
  • Portal Link: This is your direct link to the Membership portal

3. Click on the Welcome tab, here you can enter text and add images these will appear on the front page of your Membership portal

4. Click on the Theme tab and select the theme from the drop down list and click Preview, here you will be able to see what the theme will look like. Click Save

Note: you cannot upload any images until a theme has been selected. 

5. Click on the Images, from here you can set a Header and Background Image. Click on Choose File,select the image from your computer,click Open

Header Image: We recommend for a 24inch screen, that you use the header image dimensions of 1120px x 390px

Background Image Dimensions: We recommend for a 24inch screen, that you use the background image dimensions of 2150px x 1450px

6. Click on the Membership Numbers , from here you choose how membership numbers are assigned to members at this organisation or below. 

  • Syndication: Here you can choose if membership numbers are inherited from a parent organisation or if they are pushed down to child organisations through syndication or distribution.
  • Allocation: determines if numbers are assigned automatically or manually.
  • Member Number Scope: gives the option to assign member number based on a particular member type or across the whole organisations members regardless of different member types.
  • Next Number: dictates from what numbers the membership numbers will begin at
  • Prefix: this will show prior to the membership number (eg. ABC 1234)
  • Suffix: this will show after the membership number (eg. 1234 ABC)

7. Click the Subscription Confirmation tab to edit what will show on the confirmation screen upon completion of a members registration.

8. The Member Home tab is where you can personalise the messages in the member home page, unpaid subscription message bar, and active subscription sections.

Additional Information: There are currently a limited number of themes to select, more will be added in the coming months