6. Adding a Subscription Type

Quick Steps: Membership > Subscription Types > Actions > Add

1. In One Sport Technology, select Membership from the top menu, then Subscription Types, Actions and Add. 

2. Complete all the relevant fields and click Save.


  • Name: Subscription Title
  • Description: Additional information about the subscription type
  • Effective Date: Date at which the subscription will take effect
  • Subscription Duration: Duration the subscription will be active


  • Show on Members: Display the subscription on the Member Portal
  • Default Member Types: Category of membership the subscription is attached to
  • Approval Process: Approval is required after payment is accepted.
  • Age Validation: Restrict purchase of this subscription based on user age


  • Financial Status: 
    Yes: The subscription grants financial status
    No: The subscription does not grant financial status
  • Require Online Payment: 
    Yes: if payment is required at time of registration
    No: if members are offered the pay later option
  • Cost: Insert price or amount of the subscription 
  • Absorb System Access Fee: 
    Yes: Absorb the full transaction fee. The subscription type will appear as stipulated in Cost.
    No: Pass on the full transaction fee to the member. The system fee will be added to the cost upon payment. 
  • Split Allocation: A cost must have been inserted. Select YES to allocate a portion of the cost to another organisation(s). Click Details to allocate the amount or percentage of the cost that will be given to an organisation(s)

5. Select the Invoice tab and insert any custom text you would like to display on the invoice sent to a member upon selecting to 'Submit Now and Pay Later'. 

6. Select the Receipt tab and insert any custom text you would like to display on the receipt sent to a member upon payment of the subscription type.