Absorption Rates

Quick Steps: Membership > Subscription Types > Select Subscription Type > Actions > Edit > Financial > Apply Setting > Save

  1. In One Sport Technology, select Membership from the top menu, then Subscription Types from the left hand menu.
  2. Search the relevant subscription type and click Actions, Edit.
  3. Select Financial and apply the relevant setting to that subscription type. Click Save.

‘Absorb System Access Fee’

  • Yes: The subscription type will appear as stipulated in Cost.
  • No: The system fee will be added to the cost upon payment.

Please note that the system access fee is deducted from the entire transaction amount paid through the payment gateway. Therefore, if you choose 'No' to absorb the system access fee, then the amount settled back to your organisation is the entire amount paid in the gateway by the end user, less the system access fee. Please ensure your subscription types are priced accordingly 

NOTE: When adding splits to an entity above, the absorption rate from the current organisation will be applied. This will only occur when a subscription has not be distributed/syndicated from an above entity.

For example: Club creates a split for their Association. If the club has chosen to pass on the fee to the member, the split for the Association will also be passed on.