Adding a Member Type

Quick Steps: Go to MEMBERSHIP / MEMBER TYPES / ACTIONS / ADD – fill out the required fields and click SAVE.

1. Within One Sport Technology, select Membership from the top menu, then Member Types from the left menu

2. Click on Actions from the right hand side, then from the drop down menu select Add

3. Complete all relevant fields for the new Member Type

  • Form refers to the set of questions you would like attached to the Member Type. You can attach more than one form to a member type so that you can have national, state and club questions asked when a member registers
  • Automatic Membership Numbers refers to whether members with this Member Type should be automatically assigned member numbers on registration. Manual Membership Numbers allow you to allocate member numbers yourself, without the system auto generating the member number

4. Once all fields are completed, click Save

Remember, Member Types define the category that the member sits in, whereas Subscription Types determine the amount that the member has to pay.