Adding a New Member

Quick Steps: Membership > Members > Actions > Add Select Subscription > Select Member Type > Next

Enter Member Email Address / Check  

1. In One Sport Technology, select Membership from the top menu, then Members, Actions and Add

2. Select the Subscription Type(s) applicable to the member, and then click Next.

3. Select the Member Type(s) applicable to this member, and then click Next.

4. To check if this Member is already in the One Sport Technology database, enter their Email Address and select Check. Here there are four variations of responses;

  • Member not yet in SportsTG system  

Create a New Member > Enter all Member Details > Save

Add a Linked Member > Enter all Member Details > Save

Note, all fields marked with a red asterisk are required fields and must be   completed to add the member to your database. 

  • Member in One Sport Technology but not a Member of your Organisation Chain (i.e your organisation and any organisations below)

Member has been located > Email Member Access Request 

  • Member in One Sport Technology and a Member of your Organisation Chain 

Member has been located > Enter in their First Name, Last Name, and DOB to verify you have permission to add them > Verify

  • Member is already part of your organisation 

           Save Subscription > Proceed with Payment