Adding Member Links

Quick Steps: Membership > Members > Find Member > Actions > View > Link to Primary Member or Add Linked Member

1. In One Sport Technology, select Membership from the top menu, then Members, search for the Member that needs to be linked to the Primary Account Holder. 

2. From the Actions menu, select View against the member record

3. Within the individual member record, select the Actions menu, and 

a) Click Link to Primary Member

(Note: This option will not appear if the member is already the Primary Member (so has members already linked))

If the email address that is entered is an email address for an existing member, it will be verified across the OST database.

Should the member records hold the same primary information (Name, Date of Birth and Email Address) the records will be merged. Data from both records will now be held in the one member record.

If the member record consists of different information, you will be required to verify the Primary Account Holders Details:

4. Enter the Primary Email Address, Primary First Name, Primary Last Name, and Primary DOB.

5. Click Link to Primary. Secondary member is now linked to the Primary Account Holder. 

Alternatively, you may wish to navigate to Members > Members > and search for the primary account holder. 

6. Against the member's name, select Actions > View. Once in the individual primary account holder's record, selection Actions, click Add Linked Member

7. Select the relevant subscription type and click Next or Skip This Step

8. Confirm the member type and click Next

9. Enter the new member's information, going through each tab and click Save.


Please Note: When linking members the data is case sensitive and must be an exact match in order for the members to be linked successfully