Applying A Filter To The Transfer Listings

You are able to apply a filter to any of the Transfer Lists in order to narrow your search for a particular transfer that is either Awaiting your response, Pending, or is in the Past Transfers List. 

1. Click on the Membership module along the top menu.

2. Click on Transfers on the left side menu 

3. Within the Transfers tab, select Transfer List

4. Within the Transfer Listings screen, select the Filter icon against the transfer list you wish to search. 

5. From here, enter in a date range and select the type of transfer (either created date, approved date, or rejected date  - note these three options are only available for selection on the Past Transfers List filter. On the Awaiting Your Response and Pending Transfer List, the date selection field available is the Created Date)

6. Click Apply Filter

7. The relevant transfer list will now display the transfers that match the filter criteria entered.