Approving A Transfer

Quick Steps: Membership > Transfers > Transfer List > Respond > Action. 

The organisation that the member wishes to transfer FROM must approve the transfer before the member record is moved across to their new club. 

1. Click on the Membership module along the top menu.

2. Click on Transfers on the left side menu 

3. Within the Transfers tab, select Transfer List

4. Refer to the first listing titled 'Awaiting Your Response

5. Locate the member that you wish to approve the transfer, and click on the Respond button against their transfer record

6. Select Approve, and enter in any optional comments if needed. Click on Action. Click OK when the confirmation message appears. 

7. The transfer has now been approved, and the member's status in your database will now be 'Trans Out' and you will have read-only access to their member record.