Archiving A Member Type

Quick Steps: Membership > Member Types > Actions > Archive

Archiving a member type removes the Member Type from appearing in your active Member Types listing. This is most useful at the end of your membership season when you wish to utilise new Member Types for the following season.

When archiving a Member Type, if there is a membership number associated to that member type it will clear this number from the individual's member record. 

Please note: Once a Member Type is archived, it will no longer display the associated members and their answers to the form questions when running a full member export. Member Types must display in the Active Listing in order for this information to be exported.

1. Click on the Membership module along the top menu

2. Select Member Types from the left menu

3. Against the Member Type you wish to archive, select Actions > Archive 

4. The Member Type is now archived.

5. To view the recently archived Member Type, select the Actions menu item (located in the top right corner in the Blue Tool bar) >  Archive Listing