Archiving A Subscription Type

Quick Steps: Membership > Subscription Types > Actions > Archive

Archiving a subscription type results in the subscription type being 'filed' away as it is no longer deemed an active subscription type. This is useful in order to ensure only active/current Subscription Types display in the Console and are offered on the Portal. This is best performed at the end of the previous membership season, in preparation for the beginning of the new membership period. 

1. Select the Membership module along the top menu

2. Select Subscription Types on the left menu

3. Against the individual subscription type you wish to archive select Actions > Archive

4. If you  have organisations linked underneath you in the organisation hierarchy and have sent down this particular subscription type to any descendants, you will receive an option to 'Include Linked Subscriptions' , if you tick this box this will result in archiving of this subscription type within all descendant's consoles. 

5. Click Archive 

6. You will now see that this subscription type no longer displays in your Subscription Type Listing screen. If you wish to view this Subscription Type, select Actions in the top right corner > Archive Listing