Cancel Unpaid Subscriptions On Bulk

The ability to cancel unpaid subscriptions on bulk is particularly useful at the end of your membership period, in order to prepare for the beginning of the new membership year. It ensures that your members do not log on and pay off expired / invalid subscriptions the following year.

1. Click on the Membership module along the top menu 

2. Click on Financial > Subscriptions on the left side menu 

3. Within the Subscription Listing, click on the filter icon and ensure the status is selected as Unpaid

4. Add in any other filters such as generation date (when the subscription was generated to the member record), effective date, or a particular subscription type. 

5. Click Apply Filter

6. You will now have a listing of all the unpaid subscriptions only, from here select Actions > Cancel All. 

7. This results in the subscription being marked as cancelled against the member's record.