Creating Member Groups

Member Groups allows you to create and group particular sub-sets of your database. Once members have been assigned to your member group, you are able to export these members, and also send an email via a member group.

1. Click on the Membership module within the OST Console

2. Click on Member Groups on the left tab

3. Select Actions in the top right menu > Add

4. Input a name for the group, and any additional details related to this group in the detail textbox.

5. Select whether you would like this group to be visible when submitting team sheets online, via Competitions yes or no.

6. If you are a higher level organisation (you have organisations that sit underneath you in the organisation hierarchy) then you can choose to syndicate this member group down into all OST Consoles underneath your organisation via the Syndication Yes or No.  

7. If you have multiple groups, you can choose the order that they will display on the Console via the Display Order field (0 will appear at the top list, highest number will appear at the bottom)

8. Click Save

9. A members tab will now appear behind the initial set-up tab, navigate to the Members tab, click Edit

10. You can now assign members to this group by moving members from the left box to the right box via the arrows. To filter the listing, you can click straight to the relevant letter of the surname of the member you wish to assign. You can also filter the member listing on their member and financial status as well as their organisation

11. Click Save

12. The member group has now been created.