Distribution List Set Up

Quick Steps: Membership > Distribution Lists > Actions > Add > Complete Required Fields > Save

Distribution Lists allow your organisation to put members into mailing lists based on different criteria, or allow members to sign up for certain mailing lists. Distribution Lists allow administrators to have any number of separate mailing lists depending on the needs of your Organisation that allow you to send emails out to members. Examples of lists include: members from certain areas or have attended certain events, weekly or monthly newsletters and daily news bulletins.

1. In One Sport Technology, select Membership from the top menu,

2. Select Email Management from the left side menu

3.Within Email Management select Distribution Lists on left side menu

4. Click Actions > Add

5. Complete all required fields and click Save.

Name: The title of the Distribution List that will be displayed in the Console

Detail: Any internal notes regarding the distribution list you wish to add 

Active: Whether this distribution list is currently in use

Automation: The type of feed from Membership > Members you wish to enable.

Manual results in you adding and removing members individually to this list

Dynamic results in the system automatically adding and removing members based on the filters that are ticked.