Member Subscription Information

The members financial information regarding their subscription purchases is now found in the Member Record under the Financial tab

In the Financial Tab you will see that the subscriptions are broken down into Subscriptions, Payments and Refunds


This is all the subscriptions that have been recorded against the Member Record

The Generation Date is when the subscription was first recorded against the account

Detail shows the title of the subscription itself

My Split displays the amount of the transaction that goes to the level you are viewing the record from

Total is the total cost of the subscription

Effective Date is when the member becomes financial as dictated in the subscription set up. If your member is not financial always check this date

End Date is the day that the member will become unfinancial 

Transaction Date is when the subscription was paid for 

Status will show the status of the subscription. The options are Unpaid, Paid, Paid Pending and Cancelled. A subscription will remain as Pending Paid when the subscription has an approval process. Once Approved you can Action the subscription to Pay

Actions will allow you to action the subscription according to its status. If you wish to cancel and refund a subscription you will need to do so from this section


Payments are all the payments that have been made for the above subscriptions

Date is the day that the payment was made

Reference is the reference number for the transaction

Receipt Number is the receipt number of the payment

Detail is the title of the subscription

Payment Method shows how the payment was made and can be any of the payment methods available

Payment Reference is the reference to the payment record

Amount is the amount that was paid


Date refers to the date of the refund

Receipt Number is for the refund receipt

Description is the title of the subscription that was refunded

Comments are the additional comments that can be made when refunding a transaction

Amount is the amount that was refunded as this may be different to the amount that was paid

Operator is who processed the refund

Original Reference is the reference of the transaction that was refunded