Membership Numbers

Quick Steps: Membership > Portal Settings > Options > Membership Numbers 

Organisations that consist of multiple levels have the flexibility to allocate membership numbers in various ways. This setting can be edited by going to Portal Settings, Options, and then click the Membership Number tab. 

Syndication: Syndication determines which organisation will set the membership number sequence and maintain control. 

  • Syndicate - Membership number is passed down to all child organisations. The top level at which the membership number sequence was set will maintain control.
    Regardless of the 'Allocation' membership numbers will not be editable by child organisations. 
  • Distribute - Membership number is passed down to all child organisations. 
    Child organisations will have the ability to edit membership numbers providing the 'Allocation' is set to Manual.
    Distributing enables child organisations to opt out of using this membership number.
      • Inherit - Membership number is attained from an organisation above.This option is not available at a top level organisation.
      • None - Membership number will not be attained from an organisation above. 

Allocation: Allocation determines how the membership number is generated. In some instances it will also control whether a membership number is editable by child organisations. 

  • Automatic: Membership number is automatically generated based on parameters set. Automatic Membership numbers cannot be edited by lower organisations.
  • Manual: Membership number will be manually updated. Manual Membership numbers can be edited by lower organisations provided they have not been set to 'Syndicate'. 

Membership Number Scope: Determines how membership numbers are allocated. 

  • Organisation Wide: Membership number is allocated to every member of that organisation. 
  • Member Type Specific: Membership number is allocated based on the member type(s) attached to a member. 
  • Both: A Membership number is allocated for every member of the organisation, in addition to membership numbers allocated to members of specific member types. Member will attain multiple membership numbers.