Basic and Full Member Exports

Quick Steps: Membership > Members > Action > Export > Basic or Full > Job Queue > Actions > Download 

1. Within One Sport Technology, select Membership from the top menu, then Members from the left menu

2. Click on Actions from the right hand side, then from the drop down menu select Export

3. Select either Basic or Full from the drop down menu

4. Click Export

5. The export request has now been placed in a queue. To track progress of the job, and to download the file once complete, please click on the Job Queue button. 


6. Alternatively, to view all export requests click on the Utilities module > Jobs

7. The Jobs screen will provide a list of all export requests by your organisation and it will display the progress of these.

8. Please click Actions > Refresh after a short time period so that the system can refresh and provide the most up-to-date status of the download.

8. Once Progress is 100% and Status shows as Success – your file will be ready to download to your Computer. 

9. Click on Actions > Download (.zip) 

10. Alternatively, click on Actions > View and click on the output files available (CSV and XLS files) in order to download them to your Computer

Please note: The file will be removed after one hour for security purposes. If you have not already saved the downloaded file to your computer this process will need to be completed again (or depending on your computer settings it may be available in your Downloads folder). 

Basic Member Export contains the following fields: 

UserID, LinkID, Email Address, Prefix, First Name, Last Name, Other Name, Company Name, Organisation, DirectNumberAreaCode, DirectNumber, FaxNumberAreaCode, FaxNumber, MobileNumberAreaCode, Mobile Number, BusinessNumberAreaCode, BusinessNumber, PrivateNumberAreaCode, PrivateNumber, Address, Suburb, State, Postcode, Country, Occupation, DOB, Gender, Member Status, Financial Status

Full Member Export contains the following fields:

The Full Export will pull all fields from the Basic Member Export (above), in addition to custom questions and answers. This will be outputted as a spreadsheet divided into tabs based on the Member Type.

These exports are available at all tiers in the One Sport Technology database

Please note: A full member export will only display members that have an active member type recorded against their member record. If the member type has been archived or deleted the member information will not display. The member will also need to have a subscription in their name that grants financial status to that member

Please note: All exports will display members in alphabetical order based on their last name  

Please Note: Any filters that are applied to the members list will affect an export that is run