Paying and Activating a subscription from the Membership Portal

Quick Steps: Membership > Members > Search Member > Actions > View > Financial > Subscriptions > Actions > Pay

1. Select the Membership module from the top menu

2. Select Members from the left hand menu

3. Search for the relevant member whose subscription you would like to activate. View this record by selecting the members name or Actions > View 

4. Got to the Financial tab within the member record

5. Under Subscriptions within the Financial tab you will see an unpaid transaction. To pay for this select Actions > Pay

6. You can then choose your payment method from the manual and online options available. Manual options will only be available if the subscription is not set to a mandatory online payment. Once you have selected your payment method select Process Payment

7. Your subscription is now active from the effective date and the member will be financial upon the effective date of the subscription

Please Note: Members will be sent an email confirming that a payment has been made against their member record. Any Credit Card payments will be sent notification that SportsTG will appear on their bank statement