Payments Listing

This section was previously your transactions listing and has all the same functionality. The below information explains the differences between the two listings and the new functionality available.

To access the payment listing, go to Membership, then select Subscriptions, followed by Payments.

Date refers to the date the payment was processed 

Reference refers to the transaction reference number

Receipt is the receipt number that is sent to the member upon payment of the subscription

Member will list the member that the payment was for. If the payment was for more than one member multiple will display in this area

Description is the subscription that was paid for. If the payment was for more than one subscription type multiple will display

Payment Type refers to the payment method used. In most cases this will say Credit Card

Payment Reference is the reference number for the payment of the subscription

Amount is the total amount that was charged

Please Note: Payments can be searched through many different variables. These are the member name, the subscription, the reference number or the receipt number