Refund a Transaction

Quick Steps: Membership > Members > Search Member > View > Financial > Cancel > Cancel with Refund

1. In One Sport Technology, select Membership, then Members from the left menu. Search for the required member and view their record.

2. Select the Financial tab.

3. Next to the subscription in question, click the Cancel button. 

4. Confirm whether you wish to Cancel with Refund or Cancel Without Refund, and the amount you wish to refund. Here you can also provide a comment or reference for the refund.  

5. The member will then be sent an email alerting them that the refund has been processed.

Additional Information: Tiered Organisations - Split Refunds

Please Note: When a refund is provided to a member, those funds are automatically refunded back to the members account by SportsTG. SportsTG will then deduct the value of that refund from your next settlement.

If the original payment has been split between multiple entities, that refund will be deducted in full at club level and not split as per the original payment.

This protocol has been implemented as a protection against No Refund policies that may be in place at National and State Entities, leaving it at the full discretion of the club if they wish to wear the shortfall of producing a full refund.

Where required, clubs will need to invoice their National or State bodies to recoup refunds.

Also note that although the individual will be refunded the entire amount (or as otherwise nominated), SportsTG do not refund to your organisation, the transactions fees applied to the original transaction.