Resending A Payment Receipt

When your members pay for a subscription they are automatically sent their receipt via email, in the case that a member has entered their email wrong or lost their receipt, you can resend it to them from within the OST Management Console.

Quick Steps: Membership > Members > Locate Individual Member Record > Actions > History > Email Messages > Resend. 

1. Click on Membership and then Members on the left menu

2. Search for the member that needs to have their receipt resent, and click Actions > View against their name within the members listing. 

3. Now that you are within the individual member record, click on the Actions button located in the right hand side of the page and select History

4. Navigate to Email Messages

5. From here, select the resend icon against the relevant receipt you wish to resend. This will trigger an automatic resend to the member's email address.

6. If you wish to view the receipt first before re sending it, click on the Subject line and a pop-up will appear of the receipt.