Sending An Email

Quick Steps: Membership > Email Management > Send Email > Save > Send. 

1. In One Sport Technology, select the Membership module from the top menu

2. Click on Email Management on the left menu > Send Email 

3. Select the Distribution list that you would like to send the email to

Distribution Lists allow your organisation to put members into mailing lists based on different criteria, or allow members to sign up for certain mailing lists. Distribution Lists allow administrators to have any number of separate mailing lists depending on the needs of your Organisation that allow you to send emails out to members. Examples of lists include: members from certain areas or have attended certain events, weekly or monthly newsletters and daily news bulletins.

4. Select the Email template (if applicable) you wish to apply to this email campaign. If you do not wish to use an email template, please navigate to the Body Tab and input your email text within the HTML editor. 

5. Enter in the Campaign Name (this is only viewed internally in the Console), the Sender Name (this will appear as the sender in the recipient's email inbox), the Sender Email Address (this will appear as the email address that the recipient views when they open the email), and the Email Subject (this will display as the subject line on the recipient's email inbox)

6. Click Save

7. The screen will now reload and display a Send Button at the bottom of the table, review the information you have entered in and click Send

8. Upon clicking Send a pop up window will appear with three buttons:

  • Send Now to "#" Unique Emails: de-dupes the email campaign so that the email is only sent once to an email address.
  • Send Now to All "#" Emails: sends the email to all recipients even if they are duplicated.
  • Cancel: cancels the send

Note: the Campaign Name is only visible to administrators