Understanding Network Search

The Network Search function allows administrators to transfer members from one Club to another within the same national database network.  When a Network Search transfer request is 'approved' the member record will move from one Club to another.

The member record at the original club will then subsequently have a status of 'Transferred Out', and is in a read-only format. The member record will enter the new club's database as 'Transferred In', from here the administrator is able to update their member status to Active or Inactive. 

Any transactional history associated to the member record at the original club will still remain within that club's database, and can be accessed by navigating to Membership > Financial > Subscriptions or Payments

Please Note: the Club to which the member would like to move to is responsible for 'requesting the transfer'. 

To access the Network Search please follow the below instructions:

1. Click on the Membership module along the top menu. 

2. Click on Transfers on the left side menu 

3. Within the Transfers tab, select Network Search


4. Network Search allows you to enter in a combination of fields in order to display the member. You must fill in at least one of the fields, however you can fill up to all three fields should you wish to narrow down the search. 

5. The members who match the criteria you have entered within the Network Search fields will display with their relevant User ID, Last name, First name, Gender, Organisation, Financial status, Member status. 

6. From here, you can request the transfer.