Viewing the Member Record

The Member Record has a more streamlined look in the OST system and the below article will help you navigate these tabs with ease

1. Select Membership from the top menu

2. Select Members from the left hand menu

3. Search for the Member on First or Last Name, Email Address or Organisation. You can also search on Last Name by selecting the appropriate letter from the character display on the left of the search bar

4. Select the relevant member by clicking their name or Actions > View

Member Details are the basic details that you have asked the member for. The information in this section will depend on the User Fields that you ask your member to answer

Contact holds all the contact information for your member. The email address will not appear in this section as it is used for access purposes. In this section you are able to select whether the member can be attached to any distribution lists that you have. If Mailing list is set to No only the member can change this setting back to Yes

Forms will hold all the forms that the member has answered throughout their history with your club or organisation. These will be listed as a whole form and to see the answers for each form select show next to the relevant form

Access is the access details that your members will use to login to the OST portal. The email address acts as the username in OST and this is why it is listed here. The password is encrypted for security reasons however if this is the primary account holder you will be able to change the password on request when in Edit Mode

Memberships will allow you to see whether the member is financial and what member type or types are attached to the member record. You will also be able to see the membership number attached to the record and the edit ability of this area is dictated by the set up of your membership numbers

Financial information is all the subscriptions that have been attached to the member record. Any action you take against a subscription needs to be done from the subscriptions section of this tab. The other two sections will allow you to view the details of payments and refunds respectively

Member Groups are listed in the member record. You can only see which member groups the member is in, you are able to remove them or add them to more member groups when in Edit Mode

Linked Members will show any links that exist on that member record and the location of the linked member. If you are in the primary account holders record you will be able to unlink members as you need to

Organisations show the different organisations that the member has a record in and the status of the record at that organisation