Additional Pages

Quick Steps: Membership > Portal Settings > Additional Pages > Actions > Add > Fill in applicable Information > Save

1. In your One Sport Technology Console, select Membership from the top menu

2. Click on Portal Settings on the left menu > Additional Pages, click Actions and Add. 

3. Fill in the information in the General tab and click Save

  • Title: This is the Title of the Additional Page
  • External Link: This will allow you to link to an external page via a URL
  • URL: If you would like a menu item to go direct to a website enter the URL here
  • Show on Members: Activate the additional page
  • Order By: Select the order number that you would like the item to display

4. Click on the Page Content tab, here you can enter text and add images, these will appear on the additional page in the Membership portal, click Save

5. In the Additional Page Listing you will see a list of all pages, to change the Display Status, click on the Actions drop down menu and select Update Status