Adding a YouTube Video to a Category

Obtaining Embedded code: 

You will firstly need to upload the video onto your YouTube account. Once uploaded, you need to copy the embedded code by the following steps:

1. Select Share: 

2. Select Embed and copy the code below:

Adding the embedded code to a category:

Quick Steps: Shop > Inventory > Categories > Select Category > Actions > Edit Summary

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and select Shop from the top menu, then Inventory Management from the left menu

2. Select Categories from the expanded left menu

3. Select the Category or Subcategory that the video will be displayed on.

4. Select Actions from the menu bar

5. Click on Edit Summary from the drop down menu.

6. Select the Source button

7. Paste in embedded code from the YouTube video

8. Press Source 

9. Then Center the video

10. Click Save

This will now display on the category page as: