Adding Gift Voucher functionality 

Quick Steps: Shop > Shop Settings > Options > Shop Settings > Gift Vouchers > Edit

  • Enabled: Turn on the Gift Voucher function
  • Title: The gift voucher title is the title you use to describe this functionality, for example it could be called “gift voucher"
  • RMS Code: Only applicable if using RMS
  • Email Thumbnail Image: Is the image displayed in the kart at checkout. Can be your club logo. 
  • Summary: Will appear on the front-end shop above the area that a customer puts their recipient’s information. You can insert any text and imagery you would like into this area, for example a specific Gift Voucher banner. This is via the same formatting process as editing the home page.
  • Terms and conditions: The “Gift Voucher Terms” display on the front-end to the user purchasing the gift voucher. The customer must accept these terms and conditions
  • Template: Is the email template sent to the recipient of the Gift Voucher, it must contain the following merge fields:
    GIFTVOUCHERTITLE – the title of the gift voucher
    RECIPIENTNAME – the name of the recipient
    PERSONALMESSAGE – the personal message written by the buyer to the recipient when purchasing
    GIFTVOUCHERVALUE – the value of the gift voucher
    SERIAL – the serial number of the gift voucher
    PASSWORD – the password of the gift voucher
    SHOPLINK – links the recipient to the online store

You are able to fully customise the look and feel of your gift voucher with any text and imagery you like.