Additional Pages

Additional Information allows event organisers to create additional menu items on their Events form to contain further information in regards to their event. This can be used for things such as Event Timetables, Directions or Prizes to be awarded.


1. Within One Sport Technology, select EVENTS from the top menu, then click on the event that you wish to set up the additional page for.

2. Select Event Options from the expanded left menu, then Additional Pages.

3. Click Actions > Add at the top right corner of the page.

General Tab

Title: Title of the Page.

Menu Title: Title shown on the menu bar; this will most likely be the same as the the title field.

URL Identity: This information shows in the URL title, similar to a sub-domain. 

For example:

Menu Location: Select whether this additional page will be shown on the menu or hidden.

External URL: If the additional page is an external page source, place the link to that page in this field.

New Window: Select if the link is to be open in a new window or in the same window as the event page

Order By: Determines the order in which the additional pages are displayed.

Page Content

If the additional page is custom content - place the relevant information and formatting in this field.

Users are able to add images, different fonts etc., in this area.

This section is also HTML enabled for those users who are more advanced.

4. Once completed, click SAVE. 

5. Click LISTING to go back to the listing of the pages, and click the DISPLAY STATUS icon next to the page you have just created. This will set the page to ONLINE and allow it to be viewed by entrants.

You can allow certain pieces of Additional Information to be available at different times, by setting the Status to Online or Offline. This allows you to add information later, or remove information once registrations have closed for certain entry types.