Bulk SKU Update via Excel Spreadsheet

Quick Steps: Shop > Inventory Management > Product > Actions > Update SKUs Via Spreadsheet

1. Login to the One Sport Technology console, and select Shop from the top menu

2. Click on Inventory Management from the left menu

3. Select Products from the expanded left menu

4. Then click on Products again

5. From the menu bar, select Actions

6. Then select Update SKUs via Spreadsheet, from the drop down menu

7. To prepare for this Bulk Update you will need to export your products via SKU. To do this follow the article: How to Export your product SKUs

  • Complete the excel spreadsheet Demo_bulk_SKU V5 - Copy.xlsx
  • The spreadsheet is currently filled with examples of how to complete it.
    Ensure the product information and the SKU information are entered on separate lines.
  • When entering your own data ensure that the header row is still in place
  • ProductID = SKU Code - This is the only compulsory field
  • If a column is removed from the upload XLS file only those that are included will update.
  • When changing the size, the site administrator must refer to the size grid attached to the bulk product creation spread sheet.

  • Site administrators will be prompted if there are any errors when uploading the spreadsheet.
  • A limit of 100 SKUs at a time can be updated in the spread sheet. 
  • You only need to include the columns you are intending to update. ie. for weights you will need to include ProductID and Weight

8. Once the spreadsheet is completed, select the file, then click Import File