Configuring your Postage Options

Shop > Shop Settings > Fulfilment > Postage Settings > Actions > Edit

When you are ready to configure your Potage Settings you will notice  that the Postage Method is set to 'Trigger' as the default.

Multiplier - Bases it's postage price by multiplying how many products the customer has in their cart with the postage amount set in Postage Options.

If you set your Postage Options to $10, 1 product in the customers cart will = $10, if the customer has 2 products in the cart it will = $20, 3 products in the cart it will = $30 and so on

Trigger - Bases it's postage off an algorithm that allows postage to be set based off how many items in their cart.

A popular shipping pricing is where the Trigger Point is set to 4 which allows the below to occur;

1 to 3 Items: $12.50
4 to 6 Items: $25.00
7 to 9 items: $37.50
10+ items: $49.50

Australia Post Account Number - This is something provided to Auspost if you are using them to ship items out. 

Default Postage SKU - This is only applied if you are using postage SKUs provided by your fulfilment process.

Please note, the only mandatory field in this setting is either 'Trigger or Mulitplier'